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"To integrate into the global community righteous young ladies with high ideas"


Honouring the relationship with the environment to become disciplined responsible mature women who will be able to serve with humanity with but fear or favour be open to changes and to stand up to challenges be able to hold on to their belief while respecting the convictions of others.

The First School to introduce the following

  • The School Uniform  and the Tie.
  • Girl Guide Movement.
  • School Prefect System.
  • House System.
  • Sports Meet.
  • School Colours.
  • School Song.
  • School Hymn.
  • School Crest.
  • Netball.
Educational division Gangawata, Koralaya – 0401
Zone  Kandy
Province Central
School number  12173
Grade 1ab – national school
School colour   dark blue
School houses sansom - dark blue
eaton - light blue
langdon - green
lawrance - yellow
Founded  21st may, 1879
Motto  ‘a deo auxilum’ ‘our help cometh from the lord’
Grama Sewa division Katukele – west
Electorate  Kandy
Student Population  over 5000
Academic staff  214
Non- academic staff   43




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