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Welfare Facilities

The services supplied by the Co-operative shop

  1. Supplying the students stationary and other utensils at concessionary prices.
  2. Providing facilities for the students in getting their uniform stitched.
  3. Providing additional telephone services in emergencies.
  4. Providing photocopy servicers at concessionary rates.

First aid unit

  1. This unit has been renovated for the benefits of around 5000 students and academic and non academic staff members.
  2. First aid is given to the students and to the academic staff members in care of emergency. The service of the parent doctors is provided daily free of change while the nurses are one duty from 7.00 am to 2.30pm.
  3. All the necessary services are provided here until transferring to the hospital.
  4. Financial sponsorship was given for renovation by the old student Association

Fruit stall

The above stall has been established by the Agriculture Department together with the education department with aims of enhancing the nutritious needs of the students and promoting the consumption of the students’ fruits. It seems that students and academic and non-academic staff members show an enthusiasm to consume those products.

These Facilities are supplied for the students and the staff at different times.


This is a task launched by the Agriculture Department together with the Education Department with the aim of satisfying the nutritious need of the students. Supervised by the Agriculture Department, local food items are sold in this canteen. It is observed that the students, academic and non-academic staff members show an interest in consuming those products


- Transport facilities provided for the participants of the sports and other extra-curricular activities organized externally.                   

- Scholarship Programme of the Old Girls’ Association.

- Scholarship Programme of the Teachers’  and Students Welfare Association.

- Highland Milk Centre. 

- Financial assistance provided for the serious medical treatments and the death of the parents of the Teachers’ and Students Welfare Association.


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