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“A DEO AUXILIUM”– Our Help cometh from the Lord

It is with great pride and pleasure,  I issue a message on this very special day to congratulate Girls’ High School, Kandy on her success journey towards excellence.  Girls’ High School continuous to be one of the most prominent schools with the multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural community where education is offered in Sinhala, Tamil (Grade 1 -13) and English (Grade  1 -13) to live as one family in peace and harmony.

I am indeed pleased to state that we share the great  mission and the vision for the school to nurture the lives of our young learners to the best of our capacity. Girls’ High School was first begun in May, 1879 at Katukele by the Methodist Church at the Wesleyan school Chapel under the guidance of its founder Rev. Samuel Langdon with his wife Mrs. Langdon.

I recall with honour, that I occupy the prestigious position of the 22nd Principal of the school with a student population over 5000 and  214  academic and  43  non-academic staff.  It is indeed great to announce that over the past years we have made an  outstanding progress and a sound record in Academic and Extra-Curricular activities, physical, human resources and Administrative Strategies towards producing leading personalities with high ideals as stated in the mission of our school.  Our sole aim is to create more valuable opportunities for our young learners to gain  exposure to the sound education which ensures their  total personality to win the world as  worthy citizens.

Over the past 138 years, Girls’ High School has consolidated her position in the country’s Education System as a strong force to be recognized.  I am on the firm belief that we will be able to realize the dreams of the founder members and the past Principals, teachers and students.  The school owes a deep depth of gratitude for the wholehearted devotion and the committed services of all  those who served the school being the founder members, past principals, all the members of the academic, non-academic staff and the past pupils. You all mean so much to the life of the school.

I take this great opportunity to extend my sincere admiration to all the members of my staff, past pupils, parents well wishes and students for the great services and untiring efforts in steering the Girls’ High School towards greater heights in her motherland and all over the world.

I would be failing in my duty if I do not mention about the constant co-operation and selfless commitment extended by our Old Girls’ Association and school Development Society in  launching   numerous  development Projects to enlighten the lives of our students through Quality Education. Let me bestow upon my heartfelt gratitude to  the Ministry of Education, Provincial Education  Department  and the Zonal Education Office and the entire school community for  the invaluable services rendered in numerous  ways the development drive of our school.

I sincerely invite you to join us to share the glimpses of Girls’ High School Kandy being the strong spirit of inspiration through this website.

May Girls’ High School be the ‘Best’ among Excellence in all the spheres of the Globe.

Good Luck !


The Principal




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